Want to know a secret?


Proverbs 22:4:  By humility and fear of the Lord are riches, and honour, and life.

Becoming rich along with honour and life can never get any simpler and less complicated than this, i.e., by being humble and by having the fear of God.  People seek a myriad of ways to become richer and to earn popularity.  Some tend to engage or involve themselves in ways that are dishonest and way too embarrassing just to rise to popularity and/or fame.

The most applaudable way to be blessed financially and to excel in life is by knowing the one true God and by living a lifestyle that is full of humility and respectful awe of God.  Crooked people end up in crooked ways to rise up fast. Being honest and humble will pay in the long run with much dividends.  As long as we live in the fear of God and learn to respect and trust God, we will be blessed in all the aspects of our life and not just our finances or our social status.  God even promises life if we remain humble.  Do not lose your identity as a child of God.  Wherever you are and in whatever position you are, never forget to live your life the way that God wants you to live.  Do not walk throwing your weight around.  Inherit the God-given promises of riches, honour, and life.

Staying humble should be the attitude of every child of God.  Jesus was so humble that He accepted His Father’s plan of having Him to die for our sins.  He was then raised to be seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven.  Let us not lose focus of what is expected from us by God.  Attaining material gains and benefits should not be our objective in life but staying humble.