Where is Your Help?


Psalm 124:8 – “Our help is in the name of the LORD, who made heaven and earth.”

All of us have encountered the feeling of helplessness at least once in our lives. We usually strive to do our best with what we have. But there are times when we’re stuck with no way out. Relationships become stagnant or  start failing. Careers are at a dead end with no way forward. Health issues seem to crop up often. Opportunities that looked good just aren’t working out.

It’s probably in such a situation that the Psalmist looked to the mountains wondering where his help would come from. Maybe, like David, you too are facing a dead end in your life. Perhaps you’re stuck in a dreadful cycle with no way out. Don’t forget that you do have a way out. Jesus did not die for you, so you’ll be stuck living a mediocre, purposeless life. You’ve been born again and given a new identity as God’s child.

God has promised you life in abundance. You are not without help. Your help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth. You serve a creative God who created the entire universe with just His Word. He can create something marvelous out of your life too. Today, surrender your life to Jesus, look up to Him for help and trust that He will make a way out for you. God will help you achieve the purpose He has for your life.