Who is your buckler?


Psalm 18:30-“As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried; he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.”

In this Psalm, David moves from joyful thanks for past victories, for present strength and for the confidence of the future. God empowered David; even after living 20 years as a fugitive, David felt strong enough to accomplish superhuman feats. In addition to God’s empowerment of him, David thought of the greatness of God, of the perfection of God’s way. He spoke of how God’s Word was proven because it was tested and never failed those who pleaded it. David could say this from his personal experience; God told him that he would be the next king of Israel, plus hundreds of smaller promises.

When we have no faith, fighting with enemies and overcoming difficulties is hard work. But for us believers, we activate our faith, run and fight in the spirit and overcome the high wall of difficulties by leaping over it. It is not that faith diminishes difficulties, it increases our strength to overcome them, to do great exploits, and to get triumphant victories. Like David, would you allow yourself to be put in a situation where God must prove His word true? David knew the truth of this from the extreme circumstances of his life.

Today people do all sorts of things to secure themselves: burglar alarms in our homes, security guards, recently a CEO sat in a car and had a person shoot at the car to advertise the quality of their company’s bullet proof car! A ‘buckler’ is a portable shield that surrounds a person. With God for us who can be against us? The name of Jesus is above any other name. God’s present and future power is for us. God gives us His light and His word to empower us. Who is your buckler?