You are a SUPER HUMAN being in the LORD


Psalm 29:11

The Lord gives strength to HIS people; the Lord blesses HIS people with peace.

Each time Lohi sat and reflected on what all life had thrown at him, he couldn’t help but be baffled! Countless times did he think of giving up, for it felt like an unfair saga of all things going wrong for him. Each time, in some way, the Word of the Lord comforted and encouraged him; and that was all he was hoping on. But how did he manage to tide over it all…where did he get the strength to even hold on?

David knew that the Canaanites always portrayed Baal as a bull, one of the main reasons being that the bull signified strength and their belief was that their strength came from this bull-god. For this very reason, David wanted to realign the beliefs of the people. Verse 1 of Psalm 29, asks the sons of the mighty to credit strength to the Lord. There are a number of wonderful and powerful animals in our world, but even they get their strength from their Creator. How much more is the Lord Most High able to give HIS people then?!

Beloved, this is your promise today: The Lord is giving you unshakable, unwavering, relentless strength. Whatever your situation, however weak you feel, no matter how downcast your soul is. Get ready to receive incomprehensible, unfathomable and mysterious strength from the Lord. Through the storm, remind yourself that the storm doesn’t control your God but your God is the Lord over the storm. He is blessing you with supernatural strength and divine peace. Receive it in the Name of the Most High, Jesus Christ!!!

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  1. Chandan Singh
    09 Sep 2019 09:39:20 Reply

    Amen! This what I love in my God! He turned out to be my teacher, partner, Guide, co fighter, counselor, advocate. Oops he is everything, everywhere and everytime. Praise to the lord.

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