You are chosen


Ephesians 1: 4

According to as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love.

Rene would sit alone all to himself surrounded by him and his thoughts. This wide world was a cumbersome attempt for Rene to understand or even fit in. He felt alone and dejected. There was a sense of emptiness he always left even when he was surrounded by people. Loud chatter would drain him back into his thoughts. He did not know if he had to change himself or was change the only option. After a few years, Rene met a friend and build a strong close relationship with him. He did not only become friends with him but also learned to adopt and adapt to a lifestyle he was new to. However, as time went by Rene still held to an emptiness he felt deep inside, which stood still empty. Silence filled his heart and he felt prone to divulge in various activities which gave him some solace, but for a shorter time. Every night he would indulge in something new and every time he felt that though he was going higher in the ladder of life; he felt let down. He felt empty. He did not know how and what to do. He gave up everything.

On a morning like any other, he stood still. He felt he was being led to something. A higher and pure form of him and his spirit. He could feel deep inside a grace of love bestowed upon him and shackles of burden let loose. He felt free without any human interference.

It was the hand of Jesus.

You are loved unconditionally and no matter what times we undergo his hand is over us. Never forget that. Wait in his silence and live in obedience which is nothing but the quietness of knowing him and he will deliver.



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