December 2018 – The Month of Thanksgiving


Everyone wants to be blessed. But, is everyone qualified to receive the fullness of God’s blessing? Do we need to do a great deal to unleash this blessing?

To tell the truth we don’t have to do much to get blessed. All we need is an attitude of gratitude!

It is the nature of God to bless those who are truly thankful – through sunshine or rain, prosperity or poverty – because of their belief that God is in control of every situation.

Some people are blinded by the illusion of instant blessings, which leads them to believe that they will get blessed as soon as they say thanks. But, can a tumbler hold enough water for an entire household?

No! We must first submit, to be broken and remodeled into a vessel that is worthy to serve the people that God puts in our lives, with the blessings that He showers on us. Like a potter who painstakingly works on pots of clay until they are perfect for assigned use, God breaks us and molds us, until we are fit to receive the fullness of God’s blessings, which includes:

  • The overflowing abundance of blessings, with which we are called to bless the people around us
  • The immortality of blessings, which causes us to walk in the strength of eternal life and not in the weakness of earthly life
  • The elevation of blessings, which leads to promotions in life
  • The covenant of God, to make our name great by making us a blessing to others, will be fulfilled through blessings
  • The divine purposes of God are revealed through us, which, in itself, is a great blessing

Yes, Thankfulness is the game changer, the difference maker, the situation twister in our walk with God!

The expression of our thankfulness is manifest in the way we treat the church – the people of God. We must:

  • Attend the church
  • Defend the church
  • Extend the church
  • Appreciate the church

In this “Month of Thanksgiving” let us vow to be thankful to God, because He is in control of our lives. Remember, gratitude does not depend on our situation. It depends on faith in God’s control over every situation.

Yes, gratitude is the attitude!

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