Let the Lord direct your steps!


Proverbs 16:9

A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.

We live in this world where every day we plan. Our plans consist of long term and short term plans. Plans to buy a house, a car, to complete a course, to go abroad, to spend a holiday or to become a doctor, an engineer, a teacher etc. We plan so much. Half our lives go into planning and creating a world of comfort for ourselves and our loved ones. Even when we wake up early in the morning on Sundays and plan – Should I go to church? Instantly the answer comes to our mind, ‘Yes!’  Have we ever pondered as to why we come to church? What might be the most viable reason to decide to do so? The normal norm we follow, the love we have for our Lord, our conscience we try and clear so that we can sleep peacefully at night or is it just we love our Jesus so much and love alone helps us decide that. And like this in our everyday lives we are connected and creating so many reasons for the things we do and the things we plan. Let the Lord direct your steps. Let him govern your heart. Sing and praise his word and his name at all times in your lips. Sing to his name and he will show the path and the way you need to walk on. Let him be the Lord of your heart!

The disciples who walked with the Lord everyday had only one mission and one plan. To serve the Lord in places and people’s lives he had put them in and to preach the word of the Lord. How can we preach the Lord? Through words or through our lives better! Through our attitudes, through our bearing with each other and being patient and loving and kind in all that we say, do and act upon. Did not even the Lord do so when on the cross; for the thief he saw and heard from a heart of love and not judgement?

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