A God-ruled life


Psalm 103:19:  The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all.

Our God has established His throne in the heavens and nobody can shake it or take His place or rule instead of Him.  Well one angel, however, tried to take the place of God but he was kicked out of heaven along with his associate angels.  He is the now well-known devil, Satan.

God is supreme and He will always be.  He is a wise King.  He will rule our life if we give Him the chance to do so.  His decisions for our life is awesome.  His plans for our life are way better than our plans for ourselves.  His word says that His ways and thoughts are higher than our’s.  He has plans to give us a bright future.  His rule has no end, there is no end to His kingdom too.  He will rule over every aspect of our life provided we let him.  When God rules our life, the enemy will take to his heels.  No pandemic or epidemic will ever have any chance to invade us.  When the plaques struck Egypt, not one came in the land of Goshen where Israelites lived.  That is our God, that is the power of His name.

God will establish our life and cause it to flourish beyond compare.  We might go through a lot of challenges in our day to day life.  Those things are only there to push us closer and closer to God.  They are never meant to crush us.


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