A vow of thanks


Psalm 79:13

Then we your people, the sheep of your pasture, will praise you forever; from generation to generation.

Children from strong families are the ones who have weathered much in life as a unit and have come out not bitter but better individuals. They’ve been through ups and downs and along the way have learnt valuable life-lessons that become the foundations of who they are.

Similarly, as children of the Most High and the flock of His pasture, we have experienced lush green pastures and still waters through Him. Yet, we, His children have also experienced the valley of the shadow of death, the testing of our faith as well as His loving discipline.

Praise be to the One seated on High, for through it all, we can confidently declare that He has been faithful and His faithfulness is our shield and buckler, enduring forever. He has not once forsaken us or left us alone. He has poured out His unending grace where we have fallen short. His mercies have been new every single morning. His goodness follows us everywhere we go. His peace is so rich that it is beyond human understanding.

So, we, His people, who He has loved with an everlasting love ought to lift our voices and thank Him-over and over and over. Our lips should testify of how wonderful and praiseworthy He truly is to the generation entrusted to us. Let us not cease to give Him thanks for all that He is and all that He does!

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