Angelic protection


Psalm 34:7:  The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.

Angels are our ministering spirits.  God has put angels in charge of us, to keep us from harm.  If we fear the Lord, we will have angels pitching around us and help us in being safe and secure.  We feel safe when we see police personnel around us during times of a riot, don’t we?  Angels also ensure that we are safe.  They enable us to go on with our work steadily with them on our side.

Angels not only protect us but also deliver us from all kinds of harm and evil.  Most of the times, we wonder how we ever came out of bad times unhurt or how we ever managed to drive or ride on a dangerous path or pass a dark lane all alone.  It gives us goosebumps when we think of the dark lanes and alleys and how we made it on our own.  We do not get to see these heavenly beings around us through our naked eyes, but the fact of the matter is they are there with us to protect us.  Can we be thankful to God for such a high-security heavenly service?  They surround those who fear the Lord.  If we respect God, we are eligible for a heavenly protection.  Sometimes, God allows bad things to happen to us but that does not mean that His angels did not protect us.  It only means that God wanted us to go through that phase of difficulty.

Ask God for a divine protection everyday in all of your ways.  Commit your going out and coming in unto the Lord.  Ask for angelic protection all around you and to deliver you.  Continue to live in the fear of God and worship Him,