Are you willing to follow Jesus?


Luke 5:28:  And he left all, rose up, and followed him.

Some people want to follow Jesus but only partially.  Some want to come to Him during crisis.  Some want to come to Him to please someone else.  Levi, in this scripture portion, left ALL and rose up and followed him.  He was a tax collector at the time when Jesus called him.

He sacrificed his lucrative job, his promotion that might have come to him after some months, his home, and his family if he had one to follow a homeless teacher who went about doing nothing but preaching and loving people.  He counted it a blessing to follow Jesus, though at that point in time he saw nothing.  He just obeyed the call of Jesus on his life and was willing to take that bold step of faith without turning back.  How many of us are ready to be bold for Jesus? Are we willing to give up our position and money and go behind Jesus?  How many of us would be willing to resign the job as the top official in the company? Levi found it worthwhile to follow Jesus.  He understood the purpose of God upon his life later on.  Abraham obeyed God not knowing where he was going.  He experienced God’s promise upon his life though it was delayed.

Obedience brings with it the fruits and the promise of God.  Do not hesitate to follow Jesus even if it means that you having to give up on the things that you value the most in your life.  God wants us to obey Him in all aspects of our life.