Delight in God


Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. (KJV)


There is a wonderful promise in this verse that provides us great assurance and comfort. David says that when we delight in God, God gives us the desires of our heart. This shows that God intends to fulfill the desires of a godly man or a godly woman. This is a blank check with one condition attached. The condition is to delight in God.


How can we delight in God? In psalm 37 David advises us to take care of a few things.

1. Trust in the Lord and do good (Psalm 37:3)- Instead of worrying, envying or being anxious, trust in the Lord and continue doing good.
2. Commit your ways to the Lord (Psalm 37:5)- Surrender your plan to the Lord. You will enjoy peace, protection, and satisfaction throughout your life.
3. Find rest in God ((Psalm 37:7) – Because God has promised to faithfully take care of those who put their trust in Him, we can rest in the Lord. We can wait patiently for Him.


What happens when we decide to truly delight in God?

1. We will find our heart’s desires slowly changing according to God’s will.
2. Our desires will get steadily aligned to God’s will for our life.
3. And now God will grant the desires of our heart.


Truly delight in God and get the key to a happy, satisfied blessed life in Him.


  1. Ramakrishna
    25 May 2020 06:45:09 Reply

    ‘Delight in God’is good idea of God has given to His beloved sons and daughters. Do good,commit your ways to God and rest in God! Oh what wonderful grace of our Lord Jesus Christ is granted as gift to the whole humanity. Hallelujah I am excited and happy. Thank you Jesus for your agape love, which no can.but you alone Abba Father. Praise and worship and pray for your goodness. I n Jesus name i pray Amen.

  2. Elina
    25 May 2020 09:50:07 Reply

    Thank you pastor for daily deviation time , it really helped me in my life.All this month’s I’m more closure to God and I have started reading bible and have quality time with God. Yes many more areas i need to change and overcome, cover me in ur prayer so.that I can reflect God in my life and help many people around me especially to my siblings and family members 🙏

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