Disguised sufferings


1 Peter 3:14

“But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. “Do not fear their threats; do not be frightened.”

‘We need to speak,’ Jo texted her friend, ‘I don’t understand…I’ve always done good, thought good and tried to be as good as I can, then why do I have to go through all this? It seems so unfair and there’s no one who understands.’

How many times have we thought or uttered the very same words as Jo? There are many sufferings life brings in many different ways. Peter is not referring to the sufferings that come as a result of disobedience to the Lord, rather the suffering that comes because you stand firm and honour the Word of the Lord in your life. In fact, Peter encourages Christians to do good and that which is right in the eyes of the Lord. Many times, people misinterpret your actions and land up slandering you. When you make efforts to live a holy life, friends poke fun at you. When you refuse to indulge in unethical behaviour, you are labelled. When you shun the fake benefits of the world, people look down on you.

Peter encourages us to not be intimidated, disturbed or terrified when this happens. As humans, we may tend to feel rejected, humiliated and even lonely. Yet, count all of this a blessing that will only mould you into a person of faith for the Lord. Refuse to fear men and the cheap ways of man. Rather, fear the Lord and seek His wisdom in handling these situations in love and grace. Ask the Lord to help you forgive as He has also forgiven you. Pray that your fear would be replaced with faith. Faith that only continues to thrive in the midst of opposition, insult and mockery, just as in the life of Jesus! May Jesus be glorified through our lives!

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