Faithful ONE


Psalm 35:18

I will give You thanks in the great assembly; I will praise You among many people.

The Psalmist David was beckoning the Lord to come and rescue him from what he had been facing. There were those accusing him, seeking to harm and disgrace him. Though he had done nothing wrong to them, they set a trap wanting him to fail. They were cruel and vengeful, for when King David showed them mercy, they brought him misery. In fact, he even prayed for them when they were sick in fasting and continued to intercede for them for their healing. He treated them like his own family members, even grieving for them when they were in need of prayer. But when King David stumbled, the same people turned against him and began slandering him, spreading lies and mocking him.

King David felt really dejected and abandoned as a child who was deserted by the mother. How could the Lord be witness to all of this hypocrisy and yet do nothing? It didn’t feel fair. All King David wanted was to be delivered from their cruelty which was tearing him to shreds.

Often, we have people just like King David had in our lives too. He placed his grievance before the Lord and was continually persistent in asking the Lord to vindicate him. In faith, he declared that when he witnesses the redemption of the Lord, he would stand amidst the crowds and praise the name of the Lord! If you feel like King David did, trust your Lord, and know that He will give you enough reasons to praise and thank Him wherever you go! He is a faithful God!!!

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