Finding a way to Nineveh


Hosea 6:3

…His going forth is established as the morning;
He will come to us like the rain,
Like the latter and former rain to the earth.

For pluviophiles, this metaphor that compares God to rain is immensely refreshing. The rain not only leaves our surroundings looking pristine, but gives life to vegetation, which in turn sustains our existence. Of course, the Bible isn’t referring to destructive storms like in the time of Noah, but rejuvenating showers, like in the time of Elijah when Israel faced severe drought and famine.

Yes, God will water us with His grace when we most require it. Many a time we don’t even ask for His grace. But, God is so generous and merciful that He seldom waits until we plead for His forgiving grace.

In the time of Jonah, the country of Nineveh was drowned in sin. They often attacked and plundered Israel, the country that Jonah called home. Probably, Jonah had prayed for the destruction of Nineveh to avenge their pirate-like patterns. Much to his utter shock and disappointment, God commanded Jonah to preach in the city of Nineveh against their sinful attitude.

Can any of us blame Jonah for turning his back on Nineveh and walking as far away from it as possible?

But, the Lord does not base His plans on our whims and fancies. He will bring His plans to pass, even if it takes a big fish to transform into history’s first submarine.

Jonah prayed to God, the fish dropped him off unceremoniously on the banks of Nineveh and he preached to the people, who, surprisingly, were receptive to his warning of God’s impending wrath. Even the king repented of his sins!

Many of us are living in Nineveh, mortal bodies decaying in sin, but spirits crying out for deliverance. God will come to us like refreshing rain to rejuvenate our spirit. Some of us are like Jonah, called to help the people of Nineveh. Let us obey the voice of God without hesitation and not force God’s hand in booking seats on nature’s submarines.

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