Give Thanks to God


Psalm 116:17(NKJV) – I will offer to You the sacrifice of thanksgiving, and will call upon the name of the Lord.

In this Psalm, the psalmist is giving thanks to the Lord for rescuing him from his current troubles. He speaks of God’s compassion for His children. The psalmist says that he called upon the Lord and God heard him and saved him.

When we go through different seasons of life, we do not need to be afraid or feel forsaken and alone. As children of God, we have His promise that He will always be there for us and with us.

When we are going through troubled times, we should look to the Lord for help. Our God is merciful to His children and He is a compassionate and righteous God. He is a prayer-answering God who will lead us out of troubled circumstances into safer havens. It does not mean that we will not face trouble, it means that God will help us through it, and for that, we will honor and praise Him.

We must offer all our praise and thanks to the Lord for being our Heavenly Father and keeping us safe from all worldly troubles. We must not just praise Him on our own in private but also in public so others will know of our all-powerful Lord of lords.

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