… Among those who approach me I will be proved holy; in the sight of all the people I will be honoured.’ – Leviticus 10:3

It would be hard to find a single chapter in the bible where God has not met the expectation associated with His identity or character. God has proven that His authority over everything is divinely endless.

Let us understand this context in depth to further analyse and explore Leviticus 10:3. God’s holy name matters more than anything in the world and He wants us to think of it more than we usually do. Try thinking of His name and make note of the attributes and things that pop up. I am sure at the end, we will all have a list of things we personally recognise God as. This only shows that our God is a multidimensional being, He takes on several roles and fulfils everything to perfection that reflects upon His character and identity.

What does this mean? In simple words, our bible is a long love story between God and His children. This story has an account of everything God intended to do for His loved ones and what they reciprocated in return. Time and again we see how mankind sinned against God who is holy and just and how He had to intervene and save His creation from the claws of death and judgement. In this holistic view of God’s identity, His children call upon His name in the day of the trouble and He will deliver and prove His holiness to them and they shall praise Him and Honor Him.

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