In Christ alone, my Cornerstone!


Psalm 12:7

You shall keep them, O Lord, You shall preserve them from this evil generation forever.

David wrote this psalm crying to the Lord that the faithful and godly people were almost extinct. Isn’t it similar today? Is our world progressing or regressing? As the wicked parade and prowl around, increasing in numbers and immorality, aren’t we challenged to live the holy lives we so deeply desire to?

Let’s remind ourselves to what extend will the Lord go to preserve His children. Even to the cross! He will do all that it takes to ensure that His children are preserved from this evil generation. And He will keep doing that FOREVER!

So then, here is where you find that which will preserve you-in His Word and in His presence. This is precisely what Jesus spoke about in John 17:15 where He doesn’t ask the Father to remove us from this world but rather to guard our hearts from the evil. We may be in this world, but we do not belong to this world. We are here for a purpose-that we would be the salt and light to this perishing generation. Christ continues by saying “Your Word is truth, so make them holy by the truth.” This then beloved is the only way. We may be weak, but in Him we are strong. He is our strength and our shield. Let us pray that we live in union with Christ as our sole source and devour His Word as if it is all that sustains us. In Him may we live, breathe and exist. In Jesus’s name!

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