Love one, Love all.


“And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister”. 1 John 4:21 

It is a very easy task to love those who are good to us and detest those who hurt us or undervalue us. We all struggle with the concept of LOVE when it comes to showering it on people who have not been good to us either in the past or present. It is very human,  to surround ourselves with people and attitudes that favour us. But, to love GOD, we need to practise the contrast. We need to love people irrespective of their attitudes towards us. We need to love people who might have hurt us or offended us. GOD doesn’t hate anyone, and neither should we. GOD sympathises and brings in corrective behaviour in humans, and we as children of GOD must sympathise with our fellow brothers and sisters and refrain from judging their situations. 

Whenever we question how to love GOD with all our mind and heart and strength, the answer to that question lies in the above verse of 1John 4:21. GOD wants us to be in harmony and peace with people. He wants us to practise patience with people and have respect for our fellow brothers and sisters. 

So, today as we look forward to a day filled with its own challenges and tasks, let us bind our hearts to this verse, and welcome thoughts of forgiveness and patience towards all those persons, who have erred against us. Amen. 

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