Make God your guide


Psalm 31:3:  For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name’s sake lead me, and guide me.(KJV).

God was considered by David as his rock and a fortress.  Rock is something which will stand firm.  It is something that you can stand upon when large waves flood the sea.  Fortress is again a place of refuge and, of course, a hiding place from enemies.  We feel safe and secure in a fortress where the enemy can hardly do us any harm.

For David, God was both a rock as well as a fortress.  Both were places of firmfootedness and shelter.  David said to God to lead him or guide him in his journey because of the names God possessed.  David wanted God to guide every step of his.  He was a great king and highly skillful and tactful, yet He wanted God to take control of his life.  He had the best commander in chiefs of his army, but he only wanted to take refuge in God and be led by him.  He did not ask God for riches or more kingdoms to possess.  He just asked for God’s guidance and protection.  What is God for us in our life?  Is He just a supplier of all good gifts or is He our Guide?

Let us make God our rock and fortress as well as a guide for without Him, it might be impossible to know the right path.  When we request God to lead us, He will do it for His name’s sake as well as for His honor.



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