Our God Will Stand For Us


I , even I , am He who comforts you .Who are you that you should be afraid of a man who will die, and of the son of a man , who will be made like grass  Isaiah 51 :12 

Dealing with people can be difficult. Very often we deal with people in our lives who can cause us fear, harm, hurt and pain. We may be in a toxic relationship even in our families. It could a parent, child or spouse. For some it may be office co-workers , boss, classmates. Some people keep us in constant fear and stress by their words and actions. The very thought of facing these people causes pain in our minds.

In these times of sorrow and sadness, let us remember that Our Lord Jesus can bring comfort. Let us remember these promises from this verse .

The Lord Jesus Christ will comfort us
It reminds us who we are in Christ.
We are not just mere men, but we are His children
We have the Lord Jesus on our side
We don’t need to be afraid of any man who will die and be made like grass

So , let us live our lives with the confidence that nothing happens in our lives without the knowledge of God . No man can stand against us because our God is on our side .Our Lord Jesus will guide and take care of us and bring the right people in our lives who build us .

It says in Isaiah 54:17no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. ..

Today, let us remember to confess each day these promises in our lives. Let us speak His word into our difficult moments . Then we will see His hand of comfort in our lives.



  1. Samwel Passiany
    10 May 2021 07:05:02 Reply

    Praise the Lord. It has always been very encouraging to read these devotions. God bless you and give you more revelation and rhema Word to minister to many. Thanks

    • Bethel Team
      10 May 2021 07:34:07 Reply

      Hi Samwel,

      It is great to know that the devotions are blessing you

  2. Prakash TA
    10 May 2021 08:09:00 Reply

    Praise the Lord. Everyday daily devotion keeps me encouraging, and gives me a spiritual word. Pl pray for my family my mom has cough and sugar levels are very high. and my father has also have little bit cough.

    • Bethel Team
      10 May 2021 11:47:42 Reply

      Hi Prakash ,

      May the healing hand of the Lord Jesus be on you and your family .The scripture says, they that trust in the Lord shall be like Mount Zion .They will not be moved and they will not be shaken. So , trust in the Lord for a healing for your family.


  3. Shivaram
    11 May 2021 03:55:43 Reply

    Amen..Praise to the LORD Almighty Loving Gracious Father GOD.

  4. Merlin
    11 May 2021 15:49:33 Reply

    For the past 8 years these devotionals are the ones I turn to, whenever I am down and low..
    And every time the Lord speaks to me through His right verse and His ultimate words of comfort
    Thank you for giving us encouragement from God himself.

    • Bethel Team
      11 May 2021 15:51:49 Reply

      Hi Merlin,

      It is great to know that the word of God is working and encouraging you in your life .

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