Overflowing Gladness, Divine Joy


These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full. John 15:11

There is nobody who hasn’t experienced joy. Maybe in a small way, maybe because of a short experience, but we have all had this experience. The world offers us more than enough ways to ‘find’ joy. But all of these are just ‘experiences,’ here today and in all probabilities, gone tomorrow.

What Jesus offers is something that is deeper and lasting. This is not a fleeting emotion but a state of being. It is something that is not smothered by the storms that we face, nor is dependent on the achievements that we obtain. It is something that becomes so much a part of your spirit. So, even when the dark clouds seems to darken your life, joy will always be there in the morning.

This is what the Bible calls the joy of the Lord in Nehemiah 8. The Israelites had just returned to Jerusalem from exile. They were listening to the law being read by Ezra the priest. As the Word reached their ears and their hearts, they realized how sinful they had been and mourned feeling condemned. But even in this situation, they were encouraged to find strength in the “joy of the Lord” and see the situation as the Lord saw it. He was filled with joy because He had His people come back!

If we could only see with the eyes of the Lord and comprehend with His understanding, we would have a completely different perspective of life.

When we see with the eyes of the Lord and comprehend with His understanding, our perspective of life changes. We would have the confidence that the promises of the Lord are yea and amen. When the Word says, “in ALL things, the Lord works for the GOOD of those who love Him.” Though the sorrow may last for the night, HIS JOY is what will fill our hearts.


  1. Dora Ruth Deboard
    14 Jul 2021 02:02:11 Reply

    I need prayer what the will of the Lord is concerning where His will is for me to move to to rent a place or does He have someone that will give me work working for the Lord working doing this work that He has for me to do and also I need the Lord to make the way for me that He provide unto me the people that I need to help me and them doing what I have need of them to do to get all the things possessions I have move safely and good to this new place He has chosen for me to move to with these things He has blessed me with and made a way for me to have pray for a much better place where I can and am free to be about walking in the community as I am lead by the Lord to do where is in a good community an close to a good Penticostal Church easy for me to attend and provide me with all the transformation I have need of be easyly provided to me and a good neighborhood and where many are Born Again and compassionate kind loving thankful conciderateof one another a good place to live helpful where the Lord desires them to help at the time help is need by this person as to the Lord chearfully and willingly and obedient to the Lord

  2. Dora Ruth Deboard
    14 Jul 2021 02:34:54 Reply

    I needed this Devotional today it is encouraging to me I appreciate this pray for the Lord to bring many good faithful friends into this life The Lord has blessed me with that are also helpful to me and I am helpful to as the Lord chooses to use us to be a blessing to one another and in the Pentecostal Church where He has chosen for me to attend and bless me with many good faithful friends where we have good fellowship in the Lord with one another and are used by the Lord Christ Jesus to be good witnesses for the Lord Christ Jesus in a way that pleases Him I need a vehicle also a good one I appreciate onesoon as possible

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