Praise with understanding


Psalm 47:7:  God is the king of all the earth; sing praises with understanding.

God is sovereign and supreme.  He rules the whole earth with wisdom and justice.  Whenever we praise Him, we have to do it with understanding that He is a great God.

Our thinking and our brain cannot actually comprehend the fullness of God’s power and His supremacy, but we can still praise Him based on how much we know about Him.  A child will not have a full understanding of God unlike an adult who knows a bit more than a child.  Irrespective of each stage or phase in human life and based upon the knowledge that we have gained about God, let us give Him the praise that is due Him.  A little child can only ask God for his/her day to day blessings and protection.  A child can sing about God only in his/her limited knowledge about Him.  How much more should we as adults be praising God after knowing Him on a more personal and/or deeper level?

Never be casual or formal with God.  Be the real you.  Come to Him as you are.  He knows us better.  Sing praises unto God with the understanding that He is your Healer, Provider, the real joy giver, etc.  He can work in your favour and set you on High. He will give you victory over your enemies.  Sing to Him with all these understanding and more of who He is to you.


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