Praising God is a habit


Psalm 57:9:  I will praise thee O Lord, among the people:  I will sing unto thee among the nations.

David wrote this psalm when he was in the midst of some calamities.  He felt like as if he was surrounded by lions that would tear him to pieces.  Even in the midst of such calamities, David’s hope was in the God of Israel.  He put on a brave front and all that he could think of at that moment was to praise God and sing His praises among the people.  David wanted to acknowledge God by publicly praising Him for who He is in his life.

What do we do when faced with a similar situation?  Have we ever checked our character during times such as David’s?  How often do we praise God ?  What is the level of our faith to trust Him for His provision, for His safety, etc?  Even though David saw that he was surrounded by his enemies, he did not want to lose his faith in God.  He held on to God.  There might arise some moments in life where we lose hope, after fighting tooth and nail.  Praises and thanksgiving that come from a hurting or a troubled heart are not always easy.  God knows the pain we go through and the sacrifices that we make to glorify Him.  He will set up a feast in front of your very enemies.

Having a thankful heart and a praising mouth grabs God’s attention like nobody’s business.  When we send up our praises to God, He rains down our blessing.  Let our mouth and our heart always be filled with praises to God.


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