Re-Labelling your hardships


James 1:2

Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds.

This is one of the many absurd statements made in the Holy Bible, however, as absurd as it may sound, it has a beautiful and important truth hidden in it, like all the other treasure-chest promises of the Lord.

The opposite of joy is misery and anxiety. The greater the trials the deeper the despair. It is for this very reason that we are to count our trials under the segment of joy so that we are not consumed and broken by the trails; rather, we are called to take our burdens to the Lord and exchange it for His yoke. We may not immediately begin to laugh or smile or become happy at the affliction, but we will no longer look at it as something that can steal our peace, but something that we are going to overcome through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Most often, it is only once we have gone through the ordeal do we realize that though it seemed like our faith was tested, we still endured and made it through, learnt some hard life-lessons thereby growing in our person. These hardships can make us or break us. But so long as we are in His presence, He Himself will be our shield and portion. He is able to take our broken pieces and not just join them together but create something absolutely beautiful of it. For out of broken hearts, flows genuine love of scarred lives, remarkable testimonies, of shattered dreams, unimaginable victories. For our God is the Lord of the storms.

In the day of the battle, you’ll be fearless

In the midst of the storm, you will prevail

As you lift up the mighty name of Jesus

Know dear Church, that you will never fail!

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  1. Rinisha boro
    19 Feb 2019 08:39:42 Reply

    But sometimes in hardships it feels to abandon those works and join something new…..but the confusion is either to keep going on between all the turbulence or to change the ship itself.

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