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James 1:5

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

Jim urgently needed help and knew that the only person he could count on was his sister. But he also knew that considering what he had done and gotten himself into a mess, he was going to have to listen to an earful as well as convince her of his remorse.

When we are overwhelmed by hardships, it is very difficult to make the right choices or the right decisions. What should we do, which is better, is this what will work? This verse is a good reference for such times. The Bible calls us to ask the Lord for His wisdom. Just like Jim knew that his sister would never turn her back on him, we should be confident that our Father in heaven will turn His ear unto us and answer us when we call unto Him. When we ask, we should ask with one mind…not with a mind of unbelief and doubt. Not with a heart that is divided, uncertain and doesn’t want to accept. For then, we will be left unstable, tossed by the circumstances and our emotions and may not be able to differentiate between our soul’s voice and the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit.

When we approach our Lord for wisdom, He GIVES – GENEROUSLY – without REPROACH. This is the goodness of our Lord, and this is his nature. He not just gives, but gives abundantly and lovingly. Unlike Jim’s sister who would expect Jim to be shameful for what he had done, our Father doesn’t find any pleasure in finding fault with us or shaming us.

Beloved, whatever be the issue you need divine guidance on, right now, setting aside all doubt, come before your Father and ask in full confidence. Know that He waits to lavish on you His love, without condemnation. May the Spirit of Wisdom abound in your life as you continue to seek His will and His Word. In Jesus’ Name!

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  1. Sabitha R
    13 Feb 2019 08:54:04 Reply

    The right Word at the right time. I have been looking for some encouragement to improve my business and it’s amazing to know how Our Lord always provides that we need. Glory to God.

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