Wisdom is a blessing


Proverbs 8:11:  For wisdom is better than rubies; and all the things that may be desired are not to be compared to it.  (KJV).

Rubies are precious stones that are highly valued, but wisdom is much better than them.  Wisdom cannot be compared to anything in the world.  Christ is our wisdom and strength.  Nothing can beat godly wisdom, no wealth, no riches, no fame, no position.  Having wisdom is like having all the treasures of this earth.  When God asked king Solomon what he wanted, he just asked for wisdom.  God blessed him with wealth too along with wisdom.

We need to be wise in order to go about our daily business.  We may come across different individuals in our every day life with different mindsets and temperament.  We need wisdom to handle all of them.  Or if we have an angry business partner or an angry spouse whom we have to deal with everyday, we need wisdom.  We need wisdom for everything under the sun.  Apostle James writes in his epistle to ask the Lord Jesus for wisdom.  He never mentioned to ask God for wealth.  Wisdom is something that we all need to possess and regard as high value.  We can be foolish with just wealth and no wisdom, but it is okay to be poor financially and have abundant wisdom.  King Solomon ruled his kingdom with God-given wisdom.  His fame spread far and wide that the queen of Sheba visited him.

Be around people who are wise and God fearing.  Having Christ in our life means we will never be in need of anything else.  If we have Him, we are wise.

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