With God’s Help


Isaiah 32:4 – “The heart also of the rash shall understand knowledge, and the tongue of the stammerers shall be ready to speak plainly.”

Have you ever made a hasty decision without thinking things through, only to regret it later? Most of us have spoken hastily or made rash judgements without thinking of the consequences. While sometime decisions can be reversed, many times a bad call can leave lasting damage. But there is still hope for those of us who tend to act first and think later.

If you are willing, the Holy Spirit will help you discern what’s right and wrong, so you can make the best choice. You might not have the wisdom or understanding to know the consequences of your actions. But God knows. He knows the beginning and the end, and how your story will unfold. Ask Him to guide your thought process, your words and your actions, so you can walk in His will.

God promises that you will gain knowledge and understand the truth. Fill your mind with God’s Word, spend time in His presence and soak up His wisdom. He will guide you to act right and speak right in tricky situations. When you allow God to help you, your words and actions will grant you favor in the eyes of both God and man.