All things are possible with God


Luke 1:37:  For with God nothing shall be impossible.

What we have termed as impossible is possible with God.  After trying out many different options and solutions to our never receding problems and challenges, we would come to a conclusion that nothing is going to work out.  We throw up our hands in despair and are suppressed by negative thoughts about our life.  We feel that we are not going to advance forward ever.  We even may question the very purpose of our existence.  We are so bogged down with intimidation that we give up so easily on everything we are seeking for and praying for.

With God, all things are possible.  It is better to give our seemingly impossible tasks  to God and ask Him to take charge of it.  When everybody thought that Lazarus was dead and gone, Jesus brought him back to life.  It might seem that some things in our life has reached a near stage of lifelessness and bad odour.  The good news is that Jesus will bring life to that kind of a situation.  Probably you have written off some things from your life saying it’s over, but God says, “don’t worry, I have just begun my work from here.”  Do you think your problem is bigger than the God you serve?  Give everything over to God.

Believe God’s word and His promise.  To the world, it might seem that God has stopped working in your life.  Your belief should not be like the belief system of the world.  Your faith and belief should be in the one who has promised good things for you.  Don’t question God’s ability and credibility.  All things are possible with God.

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