God Is With You Always


Psalm 102:17 – He shall regard the prayer of the destitute, And shall not despise their prayer.

Who does God belong to? Is He the God of the rich and prosperous, the God of the high castes, and those in high positions? No, God does not belong to any community, race, or section of society. He is the God of all His creation.

If you are weary, dejected, poor, afflicted, do not fear that God is not listening to your prayers. Not only is God listening to your prayer, but He is also going to answer it.

If you are going through difficult times and losing hope, do not give up on yourselves. Remember that God is there for you. He is waiting to listen to your prayers and work His mighty miracles in your life. The only thing keeping Him away is that we are not looking to God, who is the only one able to change the situation for us. As the Bible says in Matthew 7:8, If you ask God, you will receive, and doors will be opened to those who knock. Look to the Lord in prayer for our God is a prayer-answering God and will bless you and work everything out for your good.

Dear Lord, I rejoice knowing that you don’t see who I am before answering my prayer. No matter what my situation, you hear my cry and answer my prayer, God. What a blessing and testimony of your love for us. I lean on you Lord and look to you to get me through my troubles knowing that you are there for me, your rod and your staff will comfort me. Amen.

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