Rejoicing sinners in the hands of a Holy God


Exalt the Lord our God, And worship His footstool- He is Holy. Psalm 99:5

The book of Psalms revolves around worshipping the Lord. ‘Psalm’ means songs of praise, and throughout the book we see the psalmists and King David worship God for who He is. But is our worship acceptable to the Lord? God’s holiness carries a sense of purity and authority. For our minds to comprehend His nature, worship is the best way to enter His presence.

As much as it is awe-inspiring, it can also be intimidating, even terrifying for some of us. When we worship God for who He is, the more we see Him, the more we see Him, we’re reminded of how unholy, imperfect and flawed we are. But praise God for His mercy and, grace is sufficient for us. Yes, we are rejoicing sinners. Not because we delight in our sinful ways, but because we are bought by the precious blood of Jesus. However, in today’s world, many think worship should be casual and catchy. God is presented as a friend, the song lyrics focus on His nearness to us and His responsiveness to our needs. While all of this have their place in worship, is it possible that we have forgotten to worship God for who He is, and the Holiness of God has fallen out of focus?

Perhaps, our relationship with God is substituted with the opinions and trends of the world. To truly love and worship our Holy God, we must meditate and delight in His word. As we learn from the scriptures, God is far beyond the petty, selfish, sometimes vile, realities of our life. Therefore, we must get rid of the inconsistencies in our worship that challenge God’s nature. Let us worship and glorify God for His unchanging Character!

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